Website Instructions for New Members

homesharing member website instructions

Website Instructions for Existing Members

Homesharing database member website instructions

Can I disable my profile so it does not show in search results?

There is an activate my listing button

If you are not ready to show your profile or you have found a housemate already and your membership has not expired, you may want to disable your profile so it does not show in the search results.

Edit your profile and select the box shown > save

activate my listing

Can I see who has a home to share, or is looking for a home, in my area without becoming a member?

Yes!  Just click on the “Search for Housemate” tab at the top of the Home Page and enter the name of your province. A “thumbnail” description of all those currently listed will appear.  In order to see their full profile and contact them you will need to become a member and complete your own profile.  After that others looking in your area will see your “thumbnail” description, too!

I am having trouble completing the purchase of a membership on the website.

The site works best using either Chrome or FireFox as your browser.  Try using one of those to complete your purchase and your profile.

I have become a member, but I can’t see how to contact the people who are listed.

Make sure you have completed and saved your profile.  If you are not taken directly to the “Search for Housemate” page from the Profile page, your profile may not have been saved.  Make sure you have completed all the required fields so that you can save your profile.  And remember, until you have activated your listing no one will be able to find you!

When I click on the “Contact” button on someone’s profile, I get a message asking me to set up an email program on my laptop or tablet. What should I do?

If you use an online email server, rather than using a program on your own device, copy the email address printed on the Contact button and paste it into a new email on your online server.

I have activated my profile, but no one has contacted me.

Be sure to check your Spam or Junk Email Folder frequently.  Sometimes email addresses that your server doesn’t recognize get sent to your Spam or Junk Email folder.