Shared Living for Mature Adults

Our mission is to bring together a homeowner and a home-mate to create a comfortable living arrangement for both.

Sharing a home…

This could be the answer for you!

A Golden Girls Home is a home shared by mature adults. Sometimes it’s two women sharing an apartment;  sometimes it’s four women and men sharing a house. Each house develops its own culture and style, and each member makes the house feel like a home.

Sharing is a nice thing to do (remember we were taught this as children).  Sharing a living space is economical, environmentally friendly, and reduces the sense of alienation and isolation.

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Are you looking for a way to save money?

Are you frustrated by the high cost of housing?

Do you feel lonely and isolated?


Making a Golden-Girls Home a Reality

Here is an excellent article by my friend and fellow home-sharing advocate Anna-Marie Pluhar,...

Home sharing is an exciting lifestyle option that could be right for you.

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