About the Founder – Dorothy Mazeau

Golden Girls Canada began as a gleam in the eye of Dorothy Mazeau, a long-time community advocate, retired architect and practising Realtor based in Ontario.  Dorothy has been an active promoter of the cohousing movement in Canada, having served on the boards of both the Canadian Cohousing Network and the Cohousing Association of the United States. But she realizes that the long and expensive process of developing a cohousing community is beyond the reach of many, especially seniors, who could benefit greatly from having more community in their lives.

What to do? Drawing on her own experience of living in shared housing over the past 40 years, Dorothy looked for a way to help others learn about the benefits of this way of life and to find compatible home-mates.   She envisioned something like an online dating site, only for home-mate matching rather that romantic liaisons.  Her research let her to connect with Bonnie Moore, founder of the Golden Girls Network in the United States, which had been successfully doing exactly this since 2014.

Golden Girls Canada is the result of this connection.  Although the look of the site recalls the Golden Girls Network site, the content is totally Canadian.  As well as the database, it provides members with links to outside sources, live workshops, webinars, and helpful information to guide them on their journey to shared housing.

Golden HomeSharing Connections is a company founded to support the operation of Golden Girls (and Guys, by the way!) Canada.  Its head office is located in Caledon Ontario.