Welcome to the Golden years. “Everyone” says this with such enthusiasm but perhaps you’re just not feeling it. Maybe you’re alone, worried about your budget and the general state of your finances. It could be that due to career and other factors your family is far away and facing the senior years now seems like a lonely prospect. It doesn’t have to be this way – your “golden years” can be good ones and Golden Girls (and Guys!) Canada can help!

  • We’re your resource for shared living!

While there are any number of avenues for finding roommates including internet sources like Craigslist or Kijiji, what we offer is unique and geared specifically to seniors – those of us who are indeed living our “golden years.” After all, who knows seniors better than other seniors? Run by a senior, for seniors, Golden Girls (and Guys!) Canada (known online as goldenhomesharingconnections.ca) is your “go to” site for finding like-minded housemates to share all those golden moments. 

  • Who are we?

goldenhomesharingconnections.ca is run by Licensed Realtor and Accredited Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES*) Dorothy Mazeau. In one form or another, Dorothy has been home sharing for over 40 years. She knows homes. She knows about real estate, the market in general and about constantly fluctuating market conditions. As well, because of her personal experiences, Dorothy certainly also knows a thing or two about sharing!  At Golden Girls (and Guys!) Canada – “Our mission is to bring together a homeowner and a housemate to create a comfortable living arrangement for both.” She has spoken with U.S. counterparts including Bonnie Moore and Annamarie Pluhar, both considered “giants” in the home-sharing movement. Dorothy is ideally suited to bring this unique service to Canada, and to help navigate your home-sharing journey.

  • What’s your why?

Let’s face it, these years are only golden if you have a little “gold” safely tucked away in your treasure chest. Factors that influence our golden years include having a sense of financial stability, enjoying a certain amount of freedom and being able to maintain our health, wellness and mental fitness at a satisfactory level. Having a roommate can help with all of these factors and more! Roommates can help share costs, cooks meals, keep each other company and/or keep an eye on one another. If you’re an active adult, looking for an economical and enjoyable living situation, our service will help you to find one another.  An abundance of research exists that all points to the same bottom line; seniors who have someone to share the senior years with, live longer, healthier and more active lives. Why live alone when, with a little careful planning, you could successfully co-share a home comfortably?

  • Think Affordability!

There’s a lot to think about in your “golden” years. Housing and health are almost always at the top of the list. Affordable seniors housing is hard to come by and subsidized housing opportunities often have lengthy wait lists. It’s time to start considering alternatives and Golden Girls (and Guys!) Canada offers just that – an alternative to living alone in your large family home in the suburbs.  Statistics show that there are 5 million spare bedrooms in Ontario. That’s the equivalent of 24 years of affordable housing construction!  Why not use your spare bedrooms to enhance both your finances and your feeling of well-being by sharing them?

  • Ready to get started?

Explore our website today at goldenhomesharingconnections.ca and check back here frequently to read our regular blogs on a variety of topics all pertaining to co-sharing, on being a good roommate, on how to share costs, as well as suggestions for fun outings, recipes for one, two, three or more people and checklists that will help you determine exactly what kind of roommate you’re looking for too!  Register today at goldenhomesharingconnections.ca

Live Life like it’s Golden – Home matching services for seniors by accredited seniors specialist Dorothy Mazeau!