Are you living alone in your family home, the home which you lovingly created with your spouse and where you raised your children?  Your home may be filled with happy memories – but are they enough to keep you happy? Perhaps your spouse has passed away, and your children and grandchildren don’t visit as much as you would like.  After all, they are busy with their own lives.

Maybe it’s time to see your home in a new way.  Think back to the time when you first moved in; back then the house was filled with possibilities – not memories – and guess what?  It still is!  Imagine what it would be like to turn your house into a place that could welcome two or three other people who share your idea of what makes a happy home. Imagine a house full of friends!

Home-sharing offers a way to fill the void left when children leave the “nest.”  It’s a great feeling to have somebody else around the house to share a cup of coffee and talk about your day – not to mention having someone to help with daily chores and help support the costs of running the home. And as time goes by, at least one of you is likely to still have their driver’s license!

It can be a win-win situation; it’s not just the millennials who are having trouble finding an affordable place to live.  Many older adults on fixed incomes are in the same situation. They have lots of life left to live and lots of life experience to share, and they may be just as ready for company as you are.

Golden Girls Canada offers an online database where single mature adults can find compatible people to explore the possibility of sharing a home. Why don’t you give it a try?  You have nothing to lose and a lot of happy living to gain!

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Home-mate matching services for older adults by accredited
seniors real estate specialist (SRES) Dorothy Mazeau.

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