Accredited Seniors Real Estate Specialist *SRES Dorothy Mazeau has been in the real estate business for a long time. A former Architect and a Licensed Realtor, she knows a thing or two about housing! She’s also been homesharing, in one form or another, for over 40 years – it’s her preferred way of living! And being well aware of the reality of the senior housing crisis we face here in North America, Dorothy is convinced that there’s never been a better time than right now to talk about the idea of homesharing. Serving the community through her Canadian online website “Golden GIrls Canada” Dorothy is keen to share her extensive knowledge about the growing trend of those who are 50+ deciding to share accommodations, expenses and a truly “golden” lifestyle.


Homesharing is a growing trend in seniors’ housing

The Golden Girls Canada website has been up and running for quite some time now, but chances are you’ve seen and/or read more in the news on the topic of homesharing in the last couple of months than you might have in the last couple of years! A recent bill passed in the Ontario legislature supports the rights of seniors to find unique and alternative living arrangements such as homesharing. Additionally, more and more studies, also shared in the media, are pointing to the importance of seniors being able to “age in place” as crucial to both their physical and mental wellbeing. Dorothy herself has been featured on several episodes of Zoomer Radio talking about this resurgence of the homesharing concept and she shares her expertise, conducting seminars around the GTA as well. Discussing her experiences, both on the topic of homesharing and on the specific services she offers, Dorothy connects like-minded seniors who would like to pursue homesharing as an alternative to leaving their homes, communities and/or moving into retirement residences. Her website “provides an opportunity, for people interested in finding other like-minded individuals who are searching for an affordable and friendly place to live, to connect with one another.”


“Golden Reasons” for Homesharing

Perhaps you haven’t yet thought about homesharing? Maybe you are concerned it’s not right for you. Here are just a few of Dorothy’s suggested “Golden Reasons” for homesharing:

  • Companionship: The senior years can sometimes be lonely and isolating. Sharing space with a like-minded individual (or several of them) is good for your mental health and helps to combat loneliness which can lead to a whole host of other issues.
  • Eases the Financial Burden: Carrying the costs of a larger home isn’t feasible for some seniors who find themselves on a more limited budget. Having someone to share expenses helps ease this burden.
  • Help around the House: Sharing a home means someone to help with the workload both inside and outside the house. Gardening, vacuuming, even grocery shopping – all are easier when the workload is shared!
  • Security: Knowing you have someone around in case of a medical emergency, or really, any type of crisis, provides peace of mind – not just for you but probably for your extended family too!
  • Familiarity: Not having to leave your neighbourhood, your favourite grocery store or place of worship and being able to continue living in an area you are familiar with and where friends and family are located can make the golden years more comfortable. Uprooting oneself and possibly downsizing a lifetime of memories (and furniture!) to fit into one room in a retirement residence is a difficult choice many seniors are forced to face. Imagine if you didn’t have to!


Join Golden Girls Canada to find your future home-mate

If the idea of homesharing sounds appealing to you, consider contacting Dorothy Mazeau by phone 416-550-4015 or email to talk about all of your questions, concerns and ideas too! She has spent a lifetime in the industry, has lived the life herself and has built an “extensive network of exceptional specialists to help deal with issues facing this segment of the population.” Ask Dorothy what living life “Golden” is like.


Register at Golden Girls Canada to learn more about the people and options that are available to you – in the community you live in! There’s never been a more favourable time for homesharing and for “Living Life like it’s Golden!”


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