OK, now that we’ve talked about what Golden Girls Canada is NOT, it’s time to get excited about what it IS!  It’s a wonderful opportunity for active, forward-looking mature adults – both men and women — to re-imagine their senior years spent in lively company with others like themselves, facing the vicissitudes of life together.

It’s not so different from how many of us spent our university years and perhaps the years we spent building a career.  Young people are still doing it today.  In fact if you look at the Rooms for Rent ads on Kijiji, you’ll find a lot of 20-somethings and 30-somethings looking for others their own age to share living expenses.  But what if you are a 55-year-old looking for the same thing?  You probably don’t want to live in a houseful of people your kids’ age!

Enter Golden Girls Canada!  It’s a platform, not unlike Kijiji, but targeted for people just like you.  At this point in your life you know how you like to live and you want to be intentional about finding the right living situation.  Or the right people to share your own home.  As Annamarie Pluhar, shared-housing advocate, says, “A good home-mate is someone you like and respect, who is compatible enough that you are comfortable living together.” And they are out there!  Golden Girls Canada offers the database, tools and educational workshops to help you find them.